Volume 3

Volume 3, Number 10

April 26, 2010

11 pages612 K bytes

Network Growing Pains

Ulku Yaylacicegi
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403

Steve Mahar
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403

Lama Moussawi
American University of Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon

Abstract: The objective of this case study is to give students exposure to basic network design, with a project management perspective. Following the completion of this case, students will have a basic understanding of the scope and the depth of a typical network design project and an understanding of the business needs involved. The case begins by following Terry Borden (a network architect) through a project kickoff meeting on her new contract assignment at NC Insurance in Wilmington, NC. The company is in need of a major expansion to handle its growth over the past 25 years since it was established. Terry was brought in to help with the network design of the new office building the company is planning to move into. Borden needs to focus on offering a network design for NC Insurance that will meet their business needs based on the information she collects from interviews with the system stakeholders. She also needs to incorporate various constraints such as time, money, people, etc. by putting her project management skills to work. The network design project deals with management issues as well as technology issues.

Keywords: case

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Recommended Citation: Yaylacicegi, Mahar, and Moussawi (2010). Network Growing Pains. Journal of Information Systems Applied Research, 3 (10). http://jisar.org/3/10/. ISSN: 1946-1836. (A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of CONISAR 2009: §4154..)