Volume 3

Volume 3, Number 6

April 16, 2010

11 pages765 K bytes

Superfund Site Analysis Using Web 2.0 Technologies

Russell Anderson
Orem, Utah 84058 USA

Musa J. Jafar
West Texas A&M University
Canyon, TX 79015 USA

Jim Rogers
West Texas A&M University
Canyon, TX 79015 USA

Abstract: The data required to plan the clean-up of an environmentally contaminated site is available, but scattered throughout research journals. In this paper, we present a process used to collect and organize this data in a single data repository. We discuss information quality issues encountered in building the repository and how these issues were resolved. We also present the design of an application which makes the data available and usable to environmental analysts via the World Wide Web. In constructing the site, numerous Web 2.0 technologies were employed. We describe their application.

Keywords: Web 2.0, data cleansing, entity resolution, interface design, Ajax, protective concentration levels

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Recommended Citation: Anderson, Jafar, and Rogers (2010). Superfund Site Analysis Using Web 2.0 Technologies. Journal of Information Systems Applied Research, 3 (6). http://jisar.org/3/6/. ISSN: 1946-1836. (A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of CONISAR 2009: §4153..)