Journal of Information Systems Applied Research


V14 N3 Pages 30-43

Sep 2021

Interpreting Organizational Security Governance Objectives for Strategic Security Planning

Sushma Mishra
Robert Morris University
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Abstract: The goal of this research is to conduct a case study examining the contextual use and purpose of organization security governance (OSG) objectives in strategic planning and preparedness for security initiatives. This study also explores for underlying dimensions of OSG practices. Mishra (2015) proposed 17 means OSG objectives that are theoretically driven and empirically grounded. An in-depth case study is conducted to examine and interpret the meanings of the above objectives in a real organizational setting and identify the dimension of OSG practices. There were 13 interviews conducted at various levels in the organization, and other secondary sources of data, such as policies, mission documents, and audit documents were reviewed. The findings suggest all 17 means objectives are useful in preparing the organization strategically for better security practices. The results also suggest four underlying dimensions of OSG into play in overall improving security practices. These dimensions are Structural, User, Facilitation, and Processual. This study empirically validates all means objectives for OSG from prior research. The OSG dimensions identified to provide a useful basis for strategic planning of comprehensive security. The practical implications lie in providing real organizational security governance dimensions that allow practitioners to use these as a tool to assess and implement security governance practices at all levels. The originality of the paper lies in its unique contribution to security governance literature in terms of empirically examining OSG objectives for strategic security planning purposes. It also proposes OSG dimensions that allow for in-depth preparedness for security initiatives at multiple levels.

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Recommended Citation: Mishra, S., (2021). Interpreting Organizational Security Governance Objectives for Strategic Security Planning. Journal of Information Systems Applied Research14(3) pp 30-43. http://JISAR.org/2021-3/ ISSN : 1946 - 1836. A preliminary version appears in The Proceedings of CONISAR 2020