Journal of Information Systems Applied Research

Volume 2 - 2009

Table of Contents

2(1) Analysis of the Factors that Influence Online Purchasing Amoroso and Hunsinger
2(2) Determining Information Technology Project Status using Recognition-primed Decision-making enabled Collaborative Agents for Simulating Teamwork (R-CAST) Barnes and Hammell
2(3) Research Design for a Natural Disaster Management Communication System: Local Indiana Government Agency Model Nicolai, Puntillo, and Bilow
2(4) The Accessibility of College and University Home Pages in the State of New York DiLallo and Siegfried
2(5) The Impact of Technology Diffusion on Employment, Compensation, and Productivity: Evidence from the Telecommunications Sector Yaylacicegi and Moussawi
2(6) Examination of Information Security in Mobile Banking Architectures Streff and Haar
2(7) Cross-Cultural View of Handheld Wireless Media Usage Lind and Anyansi-Archibong
2(8) Study of the Information Technology Trade between the United States and the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement Nations Pina, Aquirre, Saenz, Koong, and Liu
2(9) Anticipated Changes to Technologies Employed by IT Departments in 2009 Janicki, Yaylacicegi, Mahar, and Logan